my mum, part 2ish


part 2 about my mum. the cancer was stage four. treatment was no longer an option apart from radiation. she went to radiation but code blue got called her. we nearly lost her that day. she went to lay down but she couldn’t breathe because there was way to much fluid on her lungs. Friday, we got called into the hospital early that morning. we nearly lost her again that day. doctors told my dad she might not make it out the weekend. Saturday, she was up happy and talking. Sunday. I didn’t get to see her she was in way to much pain. but she did sit up and eat. Monday the 7/06/2021, around 11ish am dad and I was sitting next to her all of sudden she would gasp for air and then stop, I panicked so did dad. I called for a doctor and dad and I was holding mums hand. her breathing went back to normal it was like she wasn’t sick but dad and I knew her time was up. 1 or so minutes later she passed away. it was the hardest thing I’ve ever watched seeing your bestfriend struggle for many years and then our time was up. Im 14 and I shouldn’t of lost my mum this soon. myositis and cancer took my mums life when she was only 51. I’m sorry if this doesn’t make much sense.