My story


Hey I’m Charlotte

9 weeks ago I was diagnosed with osteosarcoma (bone cancer)

I was at a basketball tournament in Mackey and my shoulder was extremely sore so I only got to play to games. I went and got and MRI hoping that i hadn’t tore anything in my arm. The next day I was sitting on the bus with my team when my coach approached me and said u have to go up stairs your mum needs u. When I got up stairs I saw mum crying so I asked her what was wrong. She then said the scan has shown that U have a tumour and we have to go straight to Brisbane. So off to Brisbane we went. We got there and basically got told we can’t go home for 9 months.

Two months have already gone by, I just want to say to anyone going through treatment to just stay strong at the times u feel like crap and take one day at a time and the time will fly.

Thank you for reading my story and pls reply if you want to talk.