My story/ Trying to meet new people


Hi guys... I’m 17 an was diagnosed with AML a few months ago at the time I was givin 3 weeks to live. I’ve had 2 rounds of chemo and tablets because of my mutations and about to start my 3rd round. Just before I was diagnosed my nanna suddenly became paralysed Christmas Day and after weeks and weeks in hospital they finally realised she had bowel cancer... she promised we would fight this together... she couldn’t bear it anymore and gave up we buried her Friday 💔 .... in my hospital I find it hard to meet people I think Manley because I’m to shy but also I haven’t seen Many people my age. It gets lonely as hell and scary. sometimes it would be so good to talk to someone else who really knows how I feel what’s going on and what comes next. Or just have a chat and a laugh. I wish you guys all the best good luck 💗