Over 18s Monthly Movie Club Theme VOTE!

Age sensitive

Hey Canteen Connect Over 18 Community!

The theme for our over 18s Movie Club for May was SCARY MOVIES and it was a huge success, thanks to those who came along. This month Movie Club returns and we need your help with picking a theme - the power is in YOUR HANDS!

Please vote for your preferred THEME (not necessarily the movies shown below) by commenting below with an emoji or gif. the four options are: Drama 🎭, Action 💥, Dinosaur Movies 🦖, Rom Com ❤️

In case you haven't been to Movie Club before there's a bit below describing what goes down. And do keep an eye on the events page for this month's event which will be coming up later in June!

So, what's it all about!? Every month, the VIC and NSW team host a movie club for canteen young people 18 or over. We set a theme before the event and everyone watches whatever movie they like related to that theme. We then come together and chat all things movies! We also ask everyone to come with a suggestion for someone else, then you leave the event with a suggestion from someone else!

Sound like your kind of thing? We'll post the event on the events page of connect soon and you can RSVP there!