Panic and anxiety attack tips


Hi everyone :) I’m Mel, and I’m new to CanTeen Connect so bear with me while I try to figure all of this out. If you have any tips and tricks with Canteen Connect digitally, please let me know! Ever since mum was diagnosed with metastatic cancer, my sadness and anxiety has really started to fluctuate and become its own little roller coaster. When I had my first panic attack, I was scared and confused, and I didn’t know what was happening- I thought I was just crying really hard. It wasn’t until my school psych said she thinks I had a panic attack, and it all made sense. Recently, I’ve been having a few anxiety attacks (panic attacks that are built up but minus the detatched feeling) and a panic attack, with the catalyst being homework, school work and generally feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work more than half the time. To anyone who has any experience with panic and anxiety attacks, does anyone have any tips on coping with them - preventing them, dealing with them in the moment and also calming yourself down to ‘end’ the attack and working through the few hours and days after where it feels kind of on edge? Also, to everyone, what’s your favourite ice cream flavour? Mine’s mint choc chip or cookies and cream - it changes pretty often! Have a great day everyone and stay strong :)