We all know they created this forum for us to discuss potatoes more in depth ;)

Since it's a recipe forum I'll share my favourite easy potatoes method/recipe that I shared in another forum

Just dice some potatoes up into little 1cm squared cubes, fry on the fry pan in some olive oil, cajun, garlic salt, salt & pepper until you can put a knife through easily and then wallah, delicious and easy potatoes.

You can change the cajun spice to anything you like.. also an excellent way to get some food into you when you're not feeling the best (maybe from treatment?).. I know people can sometimes get that 'metallic' taste in a lot of foods.. potatoes are usually a safe bet and if you spice it with something you think you might like, they could be very easy to eat.. maybe make a mini stir fry thing with poatoes, peas and some chicken/bacon depending on what you like/can stomach :D This was certainly my go to when I had minimal effort/appetite and funky taste buds.