Rare Cancer, Duodenal Adenocarcinoma


Hi all,

My name is Taylah, I am 20 years old and I am currently living in Melbourne. My mum has recently been diagnosed with an extremely rare cancer, duodenal adenocarcinoma. My parents live on the far south coast of NSW along with my younger sister who is currently in year 12. My mums tumour has been removed and the doctors have taken everything that they believe may have been infected with cancer cells. She is currently undergoing 3 months worth of Chemotherapy followed by 5 weeks straight of Radiotherapy for 5 days a week, followed by another 3 months of Chemotherapy. The specialist does not know how the cancer will react with the Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy because this cancer is so rare, and there has not been enough research on this cancer to know what to do and how to further properly treat/cure it. Just wondering if anyone else knows of someone with this cancer or someone who has overcome it. Thank you.