School @ home?! The new normal...?


Hi ho, hi ho, its back to school we go! …well, kinda…

Doing something new and for the first time can be a lot of things. Weird, hard, make us nervous, anxious, overwhelmed, excited, curious…

You are not alone, and the four little people pictured below feel you! Believe it or not, this is some members of the Vic staff team during their first year of school ever, and they are proof you can survive your first day, week, and month of school @ home. They were little but they made it through!

We are with you, and you are all embarking on this new learning journey together.

So let’s share it! A pic of your new "classroom", a story about how easy or hard or weird it REALLY is, or a life hack about how to survive and thrive in your new normal! What is school like at home for YOU?!