Suggestions on things to do before a parent/loved one passes.


Hi friends,

It looks like my Mum is going to stop her chemo treatment in the next couple of weeks and spend her final months with a bit more energy than she has had the last couple of months. The chemo has been destroying her and this isn't how she wants to spend her final months.

I was looking for any suggestions that people with a terminally ill loved one, or who have lost a loved one, have for how to help them pass peacefully and more comfortably. As well as anything you wish you had done in hindsight to help you remember them and their legacy.

Two suggestions that I have had so far which were excellent:

  1. Sit down with Mum for an interview and record it. Focus on discussing her life, any lessons she would like to pass on, what she wants from us in the future, etc.
  2. We went for a family photo shoot the day before she started treatment, so we have pictures of Mum as part of the family when she was strong and before she got weak from her treatment.

Any and all suggestions are appreciated, and I wish all of you the best in your battles.

Much love,