Telling people: bad reactions


Every time somebody sees my mum, I have to explain about her cancer. it always goes something along the lines of ‘why does your mum have a cancer hat?’, ‘why is she bald?’ Or just straight up ‘does your mum have cancer?’ Followed by either pity, sadness, disgust (like they think if they touch her they’ll get it to) or disregard

I guess these are rude themselves, but there has been some real shockers

1: a friend of mine that I’m not really friends with asked me ‘why is your mum bald?’ And I explained all about her cancer and everything, and she just goes ‘oh, my mum cut her hair really short once, but she totally hated it after. Hope your mum grows her hair out, because just between you and me, bald is not a good look for her.’

IM SORRY WHAT! SHE DID NOT CHOOSE TO BE BALD but I only said that in my head, Because I could not be bothered getting in an argument

2: my grandpa came over right after mum had shaved her head and yelled really loudly at her ‘HELLO BALDY!!!’ and mum still hates him to this day.

But hey, I’m sure these are not the worst ones out there, share your worst cancer reactions here