The story of my beautiful step mum, Dee ❤️


When I was 12 years of age my parents finally made the decision to get divorced, which for them it was the best thing they could have done, anyway a few years down the line my father met an absolutely amazing women named Dagmar Strahl. She was German and a mother of three and a widow of two husband's before my father. The first day my sister and I met Dee it was of course, hella awkward! I still remember we were all sitting down at hungry Jack's and none of us said a word through the entire thing, we just sat there eating our burgers 😂 at this time my sister and I had still been living with my biological mother, things with our real mum weren't always great, let's just say she had a huge thing for guys 😒 back in the day when we were kids she would constantly send money to a man in Africa who kept stating his mother was sick and us kids would usually have to go without, mind you she was also doing all this while she was still with my dad (I'm going off topic, I apologise it's just more stuff leading to what I have to say and it's also a lot of stuff that still haunts my brain) anyway one day my sister wagged 1 lesson in school (due to her anxiety) and my mother had found out and she was fuming! When my sister and I went got home from school our mother instantly starting screaming at my sister to the point where my sis was in tears, me and my sister have always been really close so of course I stood up for her, anyway mum kicked us both out of home and we had no where to go :( I called my dad in tears and asked him to come pick us up. Dee was 56 when she met my father and my father was about 46 (bit of an age difference but that didn't matter to them, they were in love ❤️) Dee and my father both welcomed us in with very loving arms, for 4 years Dee nurtured, loved and respected us, anything we needed she would always get, if we ever had problems at school she'd be the first one to sort it out, whenever we were really down she always knew how to bring us back up, she always had our backs no matter what. When I tell you she was an amazing women I absolutely I mean it! She may have been a bit old but she always used to kick it like she was young, she was a great cook and knew some really amazing German recipes. I remember one time my mum didn't even come to my primary school graduation because she choose to be with her boyfriend at the time, I forget thankful that Dee was there tho. After 4 beautiful years with Dee she got some very hard news one day. I came home from school and found her crying her heart out, I instantly asked what was wrong and she had told me that she has cancer. It was so hard to hear that at first I just froze and I didn't know how to feel. Months went by and Dee was getting worse and worse, until the day we lost her 😭😭😭 I will never forget the night before, she wasn't acting right and I knew something was up and I tried asking my dad but he said she had just had a few drinks, she knew her time was up :((((( I often blame myself and beat myself up because the night she died before she went to bed she came and said goodnight to me and sister and that she loved us, I was too busy on my phone and ignored her 😭😭I will never forget my father waking me in the middle of the night to tell me that dee had died, my sister and I had bunkbeds and I didn't even climb down the stairs I jumped down and hurt myself just to try and get to her in time, but when I saw her there on the dinning room floor my heart just sunk and my a piece of my heart was taken. For a moment they had her on life support and for a second they said that she had a heart beat, hearing that I just hoped and hoped and hoped, I tried to have all the faith I could in the moment to just try and feel okay, her heartbeat stopped and we lost her, that night god also received another angel, she will forever be in my heart and memories. I was 12 when I met Dee and I am now 18 with a 6 month old, I always know that Dee is up there looking out for us, she's our guardian angel ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😇