thought I'd introduce myself and a bit of my story thus far


hello, My name is Jaiden. I'm 22yrs old. I so content Creation as a hobby, play video games, sing, vinyl record collector and Massive anime and pop culture nerd lol. I was diagnosed with Classic Hodgkins Lymphoma on August 23rd 2021, so not too long ago. guess I should start with how I go to the point of diagnosis. So since May 2021, I've had this Strange painless lump in the side of my neck which I thought nothing of and left for a month. So eventually I told my mum about it and she said to get it checked and I went and saw a doctor and got an ultrasound done and they told me that it was Swollen or Missing lymph nodes and that if the lump didn't go away in a month to see them again. Now a month went by and I had thought nothing of it. I then went back in early July and since the Lump in my neck hadn't disappeared yet. my I went back to see the doc, and he said it's a lypoma, which was just a fatty lump in the neck, he sent me home with cold and flu tablets, Antihistamines and painkillers. Then I went back to the doctor a few weeks later and had to push him to give me a Biopsy to book, so luckily he reluctantly gave me a referral for one at the local hospital and so I went there got it biopsied finally in the start of August. Then 10 days wait to get the results, when they did the scan and biopsy they saw the lump in my neck and then even bigger lumps under my collarbone which scared me a lot because I didn't know what it was and so for the time between getting results and the sample being taken I was concerned even though family told me it was nothing to worry about. then on August 23, I had booked an appointment with my local GP who never called me when he got the results.( which made me think it wasn't anything serious truth be told and that it was all good) So, Monday the 23rd of August. Diagnosis Day. I went to the doctors at about 10am for my appointment thinking it was all good. The doctor comes and grabs me and we go to his little room. I sit down ask how he is, I know usual nice chitchat. He asks me what he can do for me and I tell him just to check if he got my results, he says he has and asked me if I wanted them and I said yes please. Mind you at this point I'm thinking it's nothing serious and that it's all okay. I'm also at this appointment Alone and this doctor prints out the results and just hands them to me and let's me read and I see Classic Hodgkins Lymphoma I look at him like so what your telling me is I have Cancer? him: Yes. I then called my mum while I was still in the room with the doctor and told her and she asked to speak to the doctor. I handed him the phone and my mum asked does my son have cancer? and told her yes, then looked at me and said she is crying and awkwardly handed me back the phone like what the fuck. I calmed my mum down thankfully and then said id see her at home. So that's how I found out I have Cancer. the doctor didn't ask if I wanted anyone with me, he didn't ask if I was okay, he basically Handed me the paper and then sent me on my way with a referral for a specialist that I found out was retired, had disconnected phone numbers and incorrect information on the referral itself. Like, I don't know how people are meant to be told they have cancer, but usually, id think the doctor would use a bit of compassion and kindness and understanding but I guess I got the short end of the stick. sorry just still angry about how I was told. Either way, we got everything sorted thanks to another doctor in the clinic who gave us the correct info and the numbers of every specialist in Perth and a specialist my mum had worked for in the past got back to us on that 24th of august and said to get myself to Perth and admitted to hospital, From there I had an ECHO Test, EKG Test, lung function test and my PetScan which told us my Lymphoma was at Stage 2 in my neck and Upper chest section, and so many meetings with specialists. Then 2 weeks ago on Friday, I had my first Dose of ABVD Chemo thankfully, so it's been an insane 3 weeks between being Diagnosed and My first dose of Chemotherapy. Chemotherapy has knocked me around a lot especially due to it being my first dose. so that's how I got to where I am now and I hope I can make some friends or something lol.