Tips for reducing severe anxiety


hi, I’m Tanin. I haven’t posted anything yet, but I’ve been cancer free for over 4 years. however the anxiety related to the cancer returning is impacting my daily life. the canteen counsellor I’ve been paired with has been amazing, but I’m wondering how other people deal with this type of anxiety? my anxiety is really bad to the point where I spend hours throwing up, have a heavy heart rate and I can’t breathe for hours straight. this only occurs if I get a medical scare, even if it’s not related to my cancer diagnosis but something external (even as simple as being low in a certain vitamin- I automatically assume it’s because my immune system is low and I somehow make the link to my cancer returning). I don’t get this type of anxiety with everyday stress such as study, relationships or work, it’s only when it’s medical related. this is impacting my every day life to the point where I can’t go to work, study or leave my room. please share some of your experiences and tips on how to deal with this sort of anxiety! thanks :)