Today is my late father's birthday


1 year ago today I had no idea what would come next as I booked you in for your GP appointment. Your headaches where getting bad so we didn't celebrate the way we should have I promised you that next year it'll be better, I knew what I wanted to get you, I just didn't have the money last year.. I didn't celebrate the way I should have, I hardly even baked you a cake like I usually did. it wasn't a good year but I took for granted what I had.. tomorrow one year ago your finial chapter had started and it was soon the end. if only I knew than I would have made every day better. I would have been there every second of every day. but I was scared. today if your birthday, just over 3 months since you've gone and I hate to say it but I'm going okay. this week is hard but I know your proud of me and everyone else. today I will celebrate. happy heavenly birthday dad xx forever in my heart. if anyone is reading this, hug your family and friends, tell them all you love them and celebrate every time you have a chance xx