WA HUB (West is Best!)


Hey hey!

This is THE spot for WA Canteeners! Meet new WA folks, chat, share memes and laughs, give each other support and be general legends! We are all pretty darn physically isolated right now so this is the time to get some awesome connection happening online.

Whether you are from Rockingham, Yanchep, Karratha, Geraldton or all the way in Esperance – this thread is for you.

In this thread you will find Themes of the Week, Questions of the Day, competitions, both serious chats and serious laughs – the whole works. Make sure you hit follow on this thread so you can get notified!


1) Introduce yourself - What's your name?

2) Why are you part of Canteen?

3) Where in the big land of WA are you from?

4) What's one thing getting you through at the moment!? - Could be anything!! Food, pets, sunshine, memes....whatever.

I'll go first :)

Hello! My name is Jess and I am one of the Programs Officers in WA. One thing I am really enjoying at the moment is eating breakfast outside in the morning sun and spending lots of time FaceTiming my fam!

We can’t wait to get all the chats started 😊