Waiting - Results


How does everyone deal with "the waiting game"? Mum has finished 6 rounds of chemo, goes for final results in 2 weeks and gets results in 3. My grandma gets her halfway results around the same time. I feel so anxious already.. I don't expect mums cancer to be completely gone.. but at the same time.. I know I'm going to be devestated if it isn't. I am trying to say to keep a clear head and to not dwell on it.. but I feel like all my family issues.. Are starting to build up again, make me feel angry and tired.. which is reducing my tolerance and influencing how I communicate in my partner in a negatively way. So many little things bother me that I know wouldnt bother me. I bring things up in the worst and most irrational way rather than having a simple conversation.. I knew the cancer journey would follow me into 2021.. and my cousin was diagnosed with Guillian Barre syndrome and has relapsed.. but I didn't realise how hard it would be when it all flared up again.. I thought I would actually be somewhat prepared. Yet I am just as anxious.. just as edgy.. and just as angry..