Hey Everyone!

Over here at ACT/SNSW we've come up with a pretty snazzy idea, but we need your help!

Imagine you are a new member again, a little bit nervous and not knowing what to expect as I think the majority of us were. Now imagine you receive a parcel in the mail, inside it's full of welcoming, personal gifts with the aim to make you feel loved and welcomed into an amazing family!

We've thought of some pretty good things to include so far, such as:

-Leader bios of leader with similar cancer experience – perhaps with their

Canteen Connect contact details

-Comfort items such as T2 tea, recipes, individually wrapped snacks or cake

mixes (with allergen details)

-Something crafty

-Recommended resources (like shows, movies, books etc)

But we need your help to think of more things, so lets hear all your suggestions in the comments below!