We're friends and we are 3,000km apart


Hey fellow Connectors,

When Cancer comes into your life, it can be a lonely time. It's hard to talk about it with your closest friends; don't worry because Canteen connect can help. 

Joining a discussion on Connect will take you one step closer to hopefully connecting with a new friend, who you might meet on an online or face-to-face event. You never know these days. 

You may meet someone who understands all the struggles of what it's like when Cancer comes into your life. 

Marnie and I had the chance to work together and build a friendship over the past year while working with the Canteen Connect Leadership Team and Youth Advisory Team.

Our friendship seems natural, unusual yet Amazing to have the experience of how we can still befriend and live on the other side of the country. (Marnie live's in country Victoria) and (I live in Western Australia). 

We don't always talk about our cancer experience; Marnie and I talk about the children we work with, our love of Dogs and many other crazy conversations, sometimes with gifs.


Thanks to Canteen, we can share our friendship story for you and let you know to do it, join a conversation, an online event or chat with someone in your hub. You never know; you might meet your Marnie or Amy.

If it weren't for Connect, we wouldn't have had the chance to meet Via Zoom.

We hope one day when it's safe, and we can finally meet face to face. 

We hope to see you at some events online or face to face in the future. 

Amy and Marnie @Marns96-ConnectLeader . 

When you meet friends through Canteen, it's something special; it's a special bond – even if it's all the way across Australia!"

"It's such a strange thing, bonding with someone over the worst thing that's probably happened in most of our lives!"

Watch as Amy and Marnie share the story of their friendship that blossomed on Canteen Connect despite being more than 3,000km apart