When your parent begins dating again


It has just been over a year since my beautiful mum passed away after a few short months of being sick. It is now just me, my dad and my younger brother who suffers from cerebral palsy and intellectual disabilities. I am a few hours from home for my university studies. Just a few months after my mum died, my dad already had a girlfriend who was staying at my family home and I found out by accident after she had already met all of my family. I was shocked. Since then, I have not been ready to have a relationship with this woman, I don't know why it hurt so much. Dad broke up with her on my mum's birthday and I helped him through. She is still very much in contact with my family and constantly pushes my dad to get back with her. Now he is dating 3 different women and has openly said he can do whatever he wants, whether that be flirting with women in front of my mum's family on our first Easter without her or planning dates the day before we leave for Christmas holiday and the return day. Everytime I'm home he wants me to care for my brother so he can go out on dates, when I haven't spent time with him in months. He must be so lonely but so am I and the amount of guilt I feel from him for not being able to accept that I will have to meet all these new women. I don't know why I feel so much pain and I feel so alone with this. All I want is advice from my mum as she was my best friend, which sounds silly, but I feel so alone with how I feel. Has anyone gone through similar and can help me with advice for how I feel?