My Year 8


So for most people going into high school was/is hard. It was even even harder for me. In 2008 my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer so one night after dinner my parents sat me and my 2 brothers Josh and Wes at the dinner table and they told us that our mom had cancer we asked the normal questions like: what type and will she die after we finished talking i went straight to my room and put some music on i think it was Pink.

A few months later i was at school and we were having a year level meeting and our year level coordinator told us that a member of our year had cancer so i now had to deal with my friend's cancer. I tried not to think about it over the next couple of days so a week later i made up this form for everyone to put a message for our classmate so i went around the year 8 block one lunch time and got people to sign it my mom took it up to her when she visited.

A couple of months later we were doing pubic speaking in english and the topic i choose to do was think about this and i talked about breast cancer so i could understand what my mom was going through. A few months past and my mom was driving my brothers and i somewhere and she asked is we wanted to join a organization called CanTeen a nurse told her about it and she told us so we joined and in like January 2009 my brothers and i were on our first program we were surfing on the sunshine coast. My mom has been in remission ever since.