Your favourite canteen camp experience πŸ•οΈ


Hey all Canteen members and staff! I'm starting a thread of sharing your favourite memories or wholesome heartwarming experiences during a Canteen camp! It's been so long since we could meet and enjoy each other's company, I thought that Canteen Connect needs a little reminiscing time. πŸ•οΈ

I'll start - when I attended Good Grief camp in Tasmania I met a girl who's dad had also recently passed from cancer. We spoke in our cabin about our dads, what they were like, what we miss ect and came to realise they were REALLY similar people. We joked about how they're both Aussie blokey men who always played pranks and jokes, and that they would probably become best friends in heaven. One of our more heartfelt and emotional activities that weekend was to write a letter to our parent that we lost, filling them in on all of the events, celebrations, news ect that they have missed since they passed. Obviously this was SUPER emotional. Then, like true cheesy Canteen fashion we walked down to the beach at night to put these letters in the ocean (like in the movies, lol) I walked with this young person and we cried a bit on the way down there. We spoke about how much we miss them and comforted each other. We both walked up to the water and bent down to place our letters in the ocean when suddenly a huuuuuge tide came in and tipped us both over, soaking us both in water but nobody else... We laughed and laughed and laughed about this because we were CONVINCED (and I still am) that it was our silly dad's playing another prank on us.

Tell me your stories!! Let's all have a giggle together