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The Cancer Patient Experience - From Child to Adult (A Victorian Leadership Team Blog)
Cancer can invade our world at any stage of life. It puts a pause on our life’s progress and demands sacrifices we never could’ve imagined. This post shows the perspectives of four cancer patients and where they were in life when they first heard the...
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Finding the Silver Lining in Cancer Related Death
DISCLAIMER: MAY BE DISTRESSING FOR SOME. This is also a totally opinionated post. Hi guys! I came across this blog post today. It talks about the beauty of dying a cancer related death. Of course, no type of death is “beautiful” in our eyes. But this has...
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Cancer and Tattoos... share your ink (or your inky plans)
Hey crew, Cara here from the Online team... happy Friday! So a lil while back in Newcastle NSW, we had an exhibition at one of our hospitals (organised by the Youth Cancer Service), showcasing some of the tattoos young people had done to signify their up...
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Hair regrowth after/during treatment - what's that like? (and event TOMORROW!)
Hi Connecters, Some young people in the community here have spoken about the huge challenges of losing their hair... equally, when it grows back, it can be tricky too. Maybe it's grown back differently? Or you're figuring out how to wear it while it Or...
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after remission
Has anyone else been left with bad back pain after having radiation to the brain, neck and spine. if so how long has it lasted you.
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You Can't Ask That - Cancer chat
Ever have questions you really want to ask about cancer, but feel like you can't? Well, you CAN ask, and we CAN help each other with answers from your own experience. On the back of the August Leadership Month event "You Can't Ask That" and conversation...
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Just be positive?
Hi guys, My mum has recently been diagnosed with High Grade Serous Carcinoma of the Uterus. We first got the news 3 weeks ago. I travelled to Brisbane with her and my Dad for her oncologist appointment and we found out yesterday that she will be having a...
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my nana terminated cancer she passed away in July
can’t sleep
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2 months since you passed on, but your still around
I miss holding your hand, my ears ache to hear your voice while my arms itch to hug you. I miss you everyday and am always wondering where you are now. I hope somewhere nice, with a garden perhaps, having a cup of tea with your bee hives in...
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I am terrified 😞
hey guys I am currently living with my grandparents who both have cancer and my grandfather has been diagnosed terminal and has days or weeks left. I am their primary carer and I am good with that I want to help them all I can. But I am absolutely...
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We got the diagnosis today
Hey guys, I'm still reeling in shock and don't know what to feel other than cry. My grandma is the closest person to me and her biopsy showed small cell lung cancer that's spread to the spine, kidneys, back.... she's usually so so healthy but now the...
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my cousin lost her battle
hey everyone, I am 17 and live in South Australia. 2 weeks ago, my 19 year old cousin sadly lost her battle with leukaemia. the funeral was 2 days ago. anyone else know what I am going through and want to chat about it or talk about random things...
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hair growth
hey everyone I was diagnosed on 7th December 2019 with a Germanoma brain tomour I have spent most of 2020 going through chemo then a month of radiation, how long has it taken for your hair to start coming back after radiation
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my dad has cancer and i stress about it all the time does anyone have any ideas on how i can relive that stress
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Starting a Cancer Blog!!!
Hello!!! My name is Danielle Kardum and I am 20 years old and based in the wonderful Canberra ACT. I have been part of Canteen for nearly 2 years and it haves been such an amazing journey for myself and a great place to network with people who understand...
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dealing with bad news
i hate to make a sad post but I need to hear from people who may have once been in the situation. we have just received the news that my mum has been taken off her immunotherapy trial. we’ve been given one last option of tafinlar and mekinist combined....
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Did the Bone Marrow Transplant work!!!
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Feeling Selfish
Hi everyone, I don’t exactly know why I’m saying this, maybe to see that I’m not the only one or just to let it all out. So my mom takes the best care of me even though she’s sick and she’ll always make me dinner and look after me......
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Going back to school
Hi everyone, just wondering if some of you could tell me how you settled back into school for the first time after finishing treatment. I start again tomorrow and just wondering if anyone had some useful advice. Thank you