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Billie Eilish Melbourne concert
Billie Eilish is having a tour in Australia and I think it’s my time to see her, by any chance would canteen be able to help me out? :)
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Survey On Cancer Symptom Management
Hi! Are you under 25 with a cancer diagnoses, or caring for someone who has had one? Or did you have a cancer diagnosis before you turned 25?  You are invited to participate in a survey study about the disease and treatment-related cancer symptoms young...
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Take part in the National Youth Policy Framework
Hi Canteeners! It's come to our attention (quite late in the consultation process, sorry) that the Australian Government wants the option of Young People on the new national Youth Policy Framework. If you're interested, you can reply here . Open to over...
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I have heard that there is going to be an app for Canteen. If there is going to be one when is it going to come out? Thanks :)
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Tell us what you think about Canteen Connect
Hi everyone 😊 Thank you for being a part of the Canteen Connect community. Finding out what you all think about our platform is really important to Canteen. It helps us make sure we’re offering the right types of support and to continue to make it for...