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Pets that support us - post about your furry friend(s)! [PHOTOS now uploading!]
Hey all! I'm Cara, one of the staff from the Online crew... I'm new around here :) I've been having a look at the awesome chats on Canteen Connect and noticing that heaps of you mention your love of animals. Aaaand it got me thinking - pets can be...
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My poor mother
My mum had a horrible break up with her abusive boyfriend after he hit her. He certainly did not go quietly and made quite a seen in front of his children and I. My mother had so much guilt and stress. Because of this, her cancer developed. This is...
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mum passing
dark it’s hard with my mum Passing away recently who would be up for a general chat ??
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parent has cancer
gosh, um I don't know where to start, soo earlier this year my dad was diagnosed with a terminal brain cancer in March of this year, it sad. nothing i never thought could ever happen. Doctors said this will be most likely his last Christmas with my mum,...
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advice for coping with lost loved ones?
my Nanny died a few years back and just talking about it is a major trigger for me. it was really hard on my entire family but it seems as im the only one who is still struggling. my family kept her illness a secret from me until the...
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change in prognosis
it's been really hard lately. my mum has been told she only has a couple weeks left and is being made comfortable. it wasn't supposed to be this quick but her cancer is so aggressive.
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“I’m sorry”
I absolutely hate it when people apologise or say “I’m so sorry” when finding out about what my mum has been through. it makes me so angry and I hate that it does but I can’t help it. when we’re at some family gathering no one ever really acknowledges...
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It's back
I have had a slight feeling for these past few weeks something has been up and I was right.... my parents just told my sister and I his cancer is back, it use to be in his bladder but now it's in his lynphnodes and he has to do...
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Would it be alright for me to ask my mum about what her life expectancy has been assumed to be?
Firstly, I'm aware that this is something that only I can truly know, but I wanted to get some advice anyway because I'm aware it's going to be a very sensitive topic for her to talk about. For some background, my mum has stage 4 breast cancer, which has...
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It hurts 💔💔🕊🕊😭😭
My mum passed away from cancer 4 weeks ago this coming Monday and I’m only 12. It’s so hard and I miss her every day
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it hurts
i miss my mum. i only just turned 15, before she passed away. i hope she is proud of me. #cancersucks
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where did everyone go?!
hey there I lost my dad in July to bowel cancer. my dads side of the family weren’t all that involved in his illness and some of them spent the three years leading up to his death in denial that his cancer was terminal. Now he has passed away...
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Mums got cancer
My mum has cancer and has been given 6 months to live. I live with my mum and step father. When mum dies I’m going to have to move to my dads except I don’t like my dad and want to go live with my auntie instead. This is...
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my mother
my mother passed away from cancer on the 12th of november and i dont think it's sunk in yet that shes gone, I cried when it happened and at the funeral and a few times in between but I feel like i should be sadder so i dont think...
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Suggestions on things to do before a parent/loved one passes.
Hi friends, It looks like my Mum is going to stop her chemo treatment in the next couple of weeks and spend her final months with a bit more energy than she has had the last couple of months. The chemo has been destroying her and this isn't how...
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Brithday Cards
Hey all! My mum’s birthday is very soon and I’m trying to figure out what to write in it, but I’m struggling considering the new circumstances and all. I want the card to be special, but I don’t want it to be sad or negatively emotional or like I...
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My mum has been going through lots recently with stress and worry, just wanted to have a chat w someone who's in a similar place as me I'm new here so trying to navigate through this
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Generally Lost.
Hey everyone! My first post on here so no clue if I’m doing it right hahah. I’m not sure if anyone has had a similar situation and would be interested to hear how you guys coped? My mum doesn’t have long left and I freak out feeling like I’ll...
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just talk to me i can help
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Today is my late father's birthday
1 year ago today I had no idea what would come next as I booked you in for your GP appointment. Your headaches where getting bad so we didn't celebrate the way we should have I promised you that next year it'll be better, I knew what I wanted...