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Friends Tips
Hi I am
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Friends Tip
Hi How do I tell my friends I have cancer?
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so I had two weeks off of school recently, due to my doctor thinking my migraines were more than migraines, there’s no rush on my tests ordered. but it’s not looking good, all my friends thought I either died or moved schools. how do I tell them that I...
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Introduce yourself
Welcome to CanTeen Connect! No-one knows more about what dealing with cancer is like than someone who's been there and done it. So it'd be great if you could tell us a bit about you and your experiences...
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what's your favorite Christmas food
what's everyone's favorite Christmas food, I want to cook some amazing food give me ideas
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Looking for someone new to talk to
Hi guys, I'm looking to make new friends and my brother told me to try here. A few things to know about me: My name is Darci I am 16 years old I am in year 12 at school, I just started this term I lost my dad at...
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Hi guys, I'm new here and I would love to make some friends on here. I love playing footy (AFL) and don't really like school. I would love it if some people replied so we could have some good chats x
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Hi everyone, I’m Josie and I’m new to canteen. I really hope everyone is doing well. Sending heaps of love💛
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friends just giving up on you.
today, I’ve randomly lost three of my best friends. they blocked me on all social media’s. breaks my heart because I only really had three close and well friends in general. absolutely no explanations. but I’m so upset, anyone else have this issue?
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Trying to find friends like me :)
Hey guys my name is Amber and I’m a bit new to canteen and I’m trying to find friends that have a brain tumour (I also have partial deafness). I am 15 year old and live in NSW, Australia. I like shopping, craft & diys, animals, watching movies and...
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looking for some new friends and support :) I’m new to canteen and would like some people to talk to. Message me on here or add my Instagram: @maddy_nieling
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Meeting New People
👋. As some of you may know already, I’m not_darryl. I’ve been on Canteen for a while now but I want to meet people that are about my age and are going through a similar experience that I’m going through and that like the same things I like (...
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Making similar friends
hi my name is Chey-enne I am 23 with 2 daughters and recently have lost my mum and just wanting to make similar friends to help each other get through the days 💜
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New Friends
Hi anyone reading! I'm new here, and I'm a bit confused as to how it all works and how you friend people and chat with them... anyway, I was just looking for some new friends I can chat too :) Hope your feeling happy and enjoying your day!!
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Younger Canteen members
Hi Everyone my names Ella I am 12 turning 13 in October I would love to get to know some younger canteen members like me and some older ones two xxx ❤❤❤👍
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movies and book and TV shows recommendations
hi i am a twilight and vampire diaries lover is there anything you can recommend
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Your favourite canteen camp experience 🏕️
Hey all Canteen members and staff! I'm starting a thread of sharing your favourite memories or wholesome heartwarming experiences during a Canteen camp! It's been so long since we could meet and enjoy each other's company, I thought that Canteen Connect...
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Friends don’t care about what I’m going through
So 2 months ago my mum got diagnosed with cancer. I’m a private and shy person and it took me a couple weeks to tell a couple of my friends but I did and they all said the right thing. I’m so sorry anything you need blah blah blah....
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my friends just don't get it
I know it hard when someone special in your life is hit with cancer... My friends don't understand why i'm so stressed and worried about it. They think that life is easy for me and i get away with everything because my mums sick... Its the opposite , i...
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Talking to your mates about cancer: we get it
Hey Connect crew, happy Saturday... glad to see you all here :) One of the topics that comes up most in convos we have here at CanTeen is talking your friends about cancer, about the affect of treatment, and the ongoing changes for you and your family ....