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Dealing with anniversaries of death.
Hi all, tomorrow will mark the 1 year anniversary since my mother passed away. I’m not really sure how to feel or what to do or anything like that. I’m just wondering how everyone else handles anniversaries of loved ones deaths.
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I'm heading into year 12 and it's been 14 years with out my father, I won an award and wanted to tell him I feel like my mum isn't proud of me
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losing my dad and heading into year 12
hey guys. I’m sort of new to this app but I just thought I might as well as for your help. I lost my dad 7 months ago and life hasn’t been the same. I’ve also experienced the loss of another family member as well as a serious head...
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When is it okay to Grieve
Lately I have had a few (now) toxic people removed from my life since mum passed away and they all said a few hurtful things but two stuck out "Shes not even grieving" and "She's making it all about her and her fiance." When is it okay to grieve?
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Dealing with my Mum moving on romantically
My dad passed away November 25th last year after a 17 year long cancer battle. For some context, my mum and dad were pretty much Christian high school sweethearts. They were married for 33 years, had four kids (including me on the end, the only girl)....
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Cute memories
I just had a memory of how my mum and I would play a game where we’d be either side of the rule and we come on a series of knocks and we’d the person on the other side would repeat it
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The story of my beautiful step mum, Dee ❤️
When I was 12 years of age my parents finally made the decision to get divorced, which for them it was the best thing they could have done, anyway a few years down the line my father met an absolutely amazing women named Dagmar Strahl. She was German and...
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do things get better
I know everyone says this but do things actually get better
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my nan passing
what are tips when you loss a grandma to cancer?
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My mothers passing
This is the first time ive been here so please be kind... so, my mother died when i was 10. she didnt have cancer but she had a hell of a lot of other diseases that she took medication for but that just ended up destroying other organs until...
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I'm Stuck.
It's been nearly 6 months since my dad passed away from bladder cancer and my ability to cope with it seems to be getting worse. I just don't know what to do, I've done breathing exercises and mindfullness activities but none seem to be working. I feel...
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I just want my dad back
it’s been exactly a year since my dad lost his battle to esophageal cancer and although i spent this whole year stuck in a darkhole full of depression, guilt and never ending grief. his anniversary makes it feel fresh, like he died all over again. i’m of...
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downward spiral
hi my dad died of blood cancer earlier this year and I’m thinking I’m going through a downward spiral, I started spending money with no control and started vaping and I just stop caring and I have PTSD as well but I don’t know if this normal or not...
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dealing with the loss of my mum
hey all! I was wondering if anyone is up for chats or has any advice! I lost my mum 2 months ago and the pain and hurt isn’t getting easier :(
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how to deal with death of a loved one?
can I hear past experiences? my mom has just passed away and I’m just super lost
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podcast recomendation
I recently discovered the “What’s your grief?” podcast. I’ve found it really helpful and interesting in learning more about grief and it’s helped me feel less alone after loosing my dad two months ago. I especially liked the episode on “grief in the time...
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Let's talk about loss!
Everyone experiences grief in their life at some point and it can show u in many different ways. Grief can be a lonely and isolating place. When you google grief it is defined as " an intense sorrow, especially caused by someone's death. " While this may...
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7 year anniversary
Hey everyone, on the 10th of August it was the 7 year anniversary of my mother's passing. I made a post on my social media about it. I thought I would put what I wrote up on here as well. I hope that this provides a bit of comfort...
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Dad's Birthday
So it's my Dad's first birthday that he's not here. He's not here for his own birthday. I was just wondering what you guys did for your parents first birthday that they aren't here to celebrate.
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Feeling emotional
Hi all, my mum passed away around 3 months ago from stage 4 lung cancer which she had been battling for 3 1/2 years. Today for some weird reason having not really cried that much I cried. I’m just wondering if anyone can relate to that at all.