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how to deal with death of a loved one?
can I hear past experiences? my mom has just passed away and I’m just super lost
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downward spiral
hi my dad died of blood cancer earlier this year and I’m thinking I’m going through a downward spiral, I started spending money with no control and started vaping and I just stop caring and I have PTSD as well but I don’t know if this normal or not...
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Dealing with Emotions
I’ve been having a tough time dealing with my emotions, especially after my dad passing away. I reaaly need help and advice on how to deal with them because I’m uncertain on how. Thanks
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podcast recomendation
I recently discovered the “What’s your grief?” podcast. I’ve found it really helpful and interesting in learning more about grief and it’s helped me feel less alone after loosing my dad two months ago. I especially liked the episode on “grief in the time...
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Let's talk about loss!
Everyone experiences grief in their life at some point and it can show u in many different ways. Grief can be a lonely and isolating place. When you google grief it is defined as " an intense sorrow, especially caused by someone's death. " While this may...
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The story of my beautiful step mum, Dee ❤️
When I was 12 years of age my parents finally made the decision to get divorced, which for them it was the best thing they could have done, anyway a few years down the line my father met an absolutely amazing women named Dagmar Strahl. She was German and...
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7 year anniversary
Hey everyone, on the 10th of August it was the 7 year anniversary of my mother's passing. I made a post on my social media about it. I thought I would put what I wrote up on here as well. I hope that this provides a bit of comfort...
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Dad's Birthday
So it's my Dad's first birthday that he's not here. He's not here for his own birthday. I was just wondering what you guys did for your parents first birthday that they aren't here to celebrate.
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Feeling emotional
Hi all, my mum passed away around 3 months ago from stage 4 lung cancer which she had been battling for 3 1/2 years. Today for some weird reason having not really cried that much I cried. I’m just wondering if anyone can relate to that at all.
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Dealing with doctors
Hi all, I have lost both of my parents from cancer and I’ve noticed especially in the last year, I’ve gained a irrational fear of doctor appointments even just with my local GP. Just wanting to reach out and see if anyone else is on the same boat...
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How to handle
Hi all, my beautiful mum passed away 3 weeks ago from cancer, she fought so hard for so long. I’m struggling with coming to terms that she’s really gone, is anyone been/in a similar circumstance and would like to chat abort how you dealt with grief, for...
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Celebrating our parent's birthday
Hey Guys! My name is Ana Maria, I’m 21 and from SA. This is my first time making a post here, I’m still figuring my way around the platform…. Tomorrow is (what would’ve been) my Dad’s 64th birthday. It’s the second birthday we will be spending without...
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When sleeping is deadly
My mother passed away in her sleep at 3 am, it was hard and I didn't know how to react to the fact that the person who I took care of like they were my child died with out me saying how much I love them. Yes when I...
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Getting Thru Father's Day 2019: join us in coping, remembering, connecting
Hey crew, Cara here - I'm one of the online counsellors here at CanTeen. It's the week leading up to Father's Day - which can be So. So. Hard. when your Dad died from cancer (or a carer/family member/grandfather who was a father to you). Whether your was...
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I haven't noticed she's gone
It's been 4 years since my mum has passed away, and the thought of her being gone still hasn't sunk in. I know she's gone, but I don't feel like anything is missing. I've lived everyday of my life after her death, like how I normally would. The day...
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Mum's That have died of Cancer Chat
Hi guys I'm Tarni and My mum passed away on the 14/2/17 it feels like it was only Yesterday but it obviously wasn't mum was diagnosed with brain cancer on the 28/3/16 and had brain surgery to remove her tumor when mum died she donated her brain to the...
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The second round of mum having breast cancer
This year I had to go through my mum having cancer. Okay so I will go from the start when I found out my mum had cancer again It was Feb/march this year. Before this me, mum and dad thought that it was just bruising in the areas, so...
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Struggling without my mum.
Does anyone have an tips for doing financial and legal things without a parent helping you?
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How you coped with the loss of a parent.
ive just lost my mother over a week ago and had the funeral 3 days ago and honestly i dont know what to do. I am trying to be happy but when I do I feel guilty. To those who have lost a parent how did you cope the...
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My sister
I'm new to this and haven't spoken to anyone properly about what's been going on. She was 17. She'd always been the pretty one with long blonde hair and blue eyes, tall and slim, very conveniently attractive but she was such a weird kid. Not many friends...