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Tips for reducing severe anxiety
hi, I’m Tanin. I haven’t posted anything yet, but I’ve been cancer free for over 4 years. however the anxiety related to the cancer returning is impacting my daily life. the canteen counsellor I’ve been paired with has been amazing, but I’m wondering how...
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survivors guilt.
all of my friends from hospital passed away. i never got to go to any funerals. my mum thought i wouldn’t want to travel so far to go to them, so she didn’t tell me about the funerals till they had already happened. i miss them so much, but...
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How do you deal with it? I really need help with dealing with it. I
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Braggers Rights - A place for sharing any and all achievements after treatment.
Hey guys My name is Casey and welcome to Braggers Rights, feel free to share everything youve achieved after cancer, especially if its something you were previously told you wouldnt be able to do. I am just beginning my 5th year of remission, during i i...
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After cancer treatment I have found that everything medical is now super hard for me. It always gives me anxiety and it's hard for me to even go near the doctors when I need to. Has anyone else experienced this? Its really strange because apparently I to...
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Making friends / social life
Hi everyone, Hope you all had a good Christmas! I am new to this platform, its great to meet you :) I finished cancer treatment a few years ago and have struggled with making friends since. I have a few good friends but would love to make more. I...
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Getting back to normal
So it's almost been over a year since I was discharged from hospital after my transplant. I'm slowly getting back to normal but it can be really hard. Everyone I know are in relationships, have moved out from home, got their driver's licences, finished I...
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My limitations
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Things you have learnt that have helped your cancer experience.
Hey everyone The connect leaders and I have another discussion for you, which is ‘strengths/things that have helped you during your experience with cancer’     First; how is everyone?  Now all of our experiences are different for each and everyone of us....
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How has your faith helped during your cancer experience?
Hi Fam, My Christian Faith has been a massive thing that helped me during my cancer experience, particularly when I was diagnosed I remember feeling so shocked yet, extremely peaceful & hopeful, id love to hear, if you have faith how it has helped you......
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Dating after chemo
Hey guys, After finishing chemo I know that one of the important things for me was feeling like my life was normal and moving past the idea that I was a young dude with cancer. For me, that involves meeting new people and in particular hitting tinder a...
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Post treatment PTSD and depression
Hi my name is Edie, I was diagnosed with a brain tumour when I was two, I was clear for five years but when I was eight I was rediagnosed. lately I have been struggling with depression and ptsd after my treatment. I can’t stop thinking about treatment...
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I had Brain cancer
Hi, my name is Teah (Taya), I'm 15 and from WA, when I was 2 years old I was diagnosed with Medela Blastoma (a brain tumour). Because I was only 2, I don't really remember much and I also didn't really understand why I was so sick and pretty...
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Anyone else falling back into bad habits after treatment was finished?
23 year old guy, I finished my treatment for AML Leukemia in February of this year. I was in hospital for around 20 days at a time for a total of 4 cycles of chemo. For the time i was stuck in hospital i was telling myself i would...
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Life after treatment
Is it normal to be worried about going back to normal life when I’m finished treatment? It’s actually taking a big toll on me I have 3 more days of radiation and I’m excited for it to be over and to get my taste back but I’m also scared...
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Head and neck cancer
Hi guys my name is Simone. 22 years old. Diagnosed with stage 2 intermediate mucoepidermoid carcinoma of the minor salivary glands. I have had 3 surgeries, 2 were complicated and I require 1 more for reconstruction. As a result i am cancer free :) i have...
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Always Believe......
Hi everyone. My name is Ashley and im a 22 yo man living in Melbourne. life was so great for me , work was great, uni was great and sports were exciting. Nothing seemed to go wrong.... until I had an MRI scan on the 10th of July. With...
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Record Breaker
Hi, My name is Calley Douglass. On the 1st December 2012 I was diagnosed t-cell with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL). As the "title" of my story says, sadly, I am currently the holder of a record that hopefully, will never be broken. Not for my sake,...