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My Dad
Hello, I'm not_darryl, and I have been very worried, sad and scared the past couple of weeks. I recently found out that my beloved Dad doesn't have much longer. The doctors and nurses have done everything they can to make him feel better but nothing has...
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It's All Happened So Fast: I Think My Dad is Dying.
Hi, I guess I should introduce myself? I'm Siobhan (sheh-von~please no si-o-ba-han) and I'm 17. I've always struggled with severe depression and anxiety, in fact I finished year 10 through distance education. This year was supposed to be brilliant. I was...
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My mum is having surgery soon!!
Hey I haven’t been on here in a while but a lot of stuff has happened. My mum has finished her chemo and is going to have surgery soon. Sadly I can’t be there when she goes in because of school but I promised her that I’ll be there...
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My mum was diagnosed with stage 3 cervical cancer what should i expect?
Last year in November my mum was diagnosed with cervical cancer. we went through a lot of chemo, internal and external radiation. We've now been told that it is stage 3 and im not coping very well. In june we do more tests to find out where it has...
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Coping strategies
Hello everyone my name is Terri and I'm 16 My mum was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and I'm having a really hard time coping with it, is there anything that I can do, any apps, or even some music for when I get into one of my stages?...
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hardest time of my life
hello everyone, i’ve been on here a few times though now i don’t have anything but bad news. my dad was a great man who tried to fight for his life as much as he could though unfortunately cancer overtook his poor body. it’s been just over a month...
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Stay at Home
So my dad can't get sick with him finishing cemo and with COVID-19, i have to stay home even though my school isn't shut down. I'm just wondering if anyone else is the same? I have been thinking about if other people are doing and going through the same!...
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Online Art Group in March: for young people who have a parent with non-curable cancer
Hi Connect legends, Do you like art? Or making stuff? Or maybe you just have really fond memories of crayons and glue and paint when you were younger? Canteen Connect is running a small group on three consecutive Thursday nights (19 Mar, 26 Mar, 2 Apr),...
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Decorating a hospital room
My Mum is in intensive care at the Royal Melbourne hospital at the moment and is having a real struggle. Just a few days ago we were saying good bye but she has managed to pull through. And is getting slightly stronger each day! Although she is sedated,...
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My mum has stage 4 breast cancer, what should I expect?
When I was 12 my mum was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. Her treatment lasted a couple years and it was a rough time, but a couple weeks ago my mum told me she has been diagnosed with metastatic cancer, or stage 4 breast cancer, which has spread...
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Mum/Dad has cancer
My Dad has cancer
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Conscious coma
What to say to a parent who can’t respond but can hear you ?
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What to say to dying loved ones
What to say to dying loved ones
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What do i do
I find it kinda hard because i hate seeing my Dad in all this is pain
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Upcoming surgery
I’m 17 , My papa’s surgery is on Wednesday and I’m the only person going into the anesthetic room I’m scared and don’t know what to expect the surgery is 7-8 hours long and I’m nervous on the outcome, so much preparation has gone into “the worst senario”...
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Talking about the end
Just a random comment. I find it really helpful the way people on here are so open about talking about the loss of their loved ones. My dad has cancer and although we haven’t yet been told that all treatment options have running out, we know it’s only a...
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My dad's grief is suffocating over a year after my mum passed
My mum passed from late stage aggressive cancer in September 2018. It's been a tough year and a bit, but I'm slowly getting back to my old self. I'm travelling, enjoying uni and expanding my horizons - as my mum would have wanted. A huge part of why I...
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How can I cope with losing a parent?
If you wish not to read the backstory skip to the title "So how do i cope?" also i am sorry if i have posted this in the wrong place? About my dad's cancer About a month ago now my father was diagnosed with a brain tumour. He underwent...
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Coping with cancer
This is an article I wrote for Bold Magazine at headspace Mildura about my experiences with canteen and how they have helped me through a really tough time in my life. I was encouraged to post it by one of the Canteen leaders I've been in touch with for...
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How to talk to parents about their cancer
My Dad was recently diagnosed with testicular cancer. At the time, we also found out that Mum had skin cancer but was not melanoma. My Dad got his cancer removed but then we were told that it developed into lymphoma. He's already 5 sessions of chemo down...