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Sibling member group
Cancer sucks! Its my brother that is physically dealing with it, but there’s still things around it that affect my life. I'm not going to make assumptions, but maybe its affecting you too. My brothers cancer changed my whole world and I don't think I’m...
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NEXT WEEK! Join us! Online Sibling Groups: Tue 10th + Thurs 12th Dec
Did you join Canteen because your sibling has been diagnosed with and/or experienced cancer? Read on to find out about a session we are running next week that you can join from the COMFORT OF YOUR OWN HOME?! So why are we doing this online drop in? don't...
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My little brother
It was around Christmas that my little brother had lumps on his head. We took him and got bloods, ex rays and the GP (doctor said he was fine). Until my little brother stated to complain saying the lumps on his head hurt so we took him to the...
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A Waiting Game
On June 27, 2017, my sister was rushed to the hospital because she could not breathe, that very night she was diagnosed with Leukaemia...the doctors started treatment two days later... I am now writing after my sister has been through 4 lots of and one...
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What do I do now?
Hello my name is Tahlia, I am new to the canteen website and I wanted to share my story with you guys..... It was on Wednesday the 21st of December, It was the second last day of school, I was just having a fun time at the beach with...
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My little warrior princess sister Olivia
Hi!, I’m brooke 17 yrs old, One night in November, 2015 for a while my little sister Olivia had sore legs and didn’t want to walk on them and then one night she acidently fell off the toilet and fractured both legs, my mum and Olivia went off to...
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my brothers tumour
Hi everyone my name is Abi and a few months ago I found out my brother has RMS. It all started with muscle pain down his legs that he had been complaining about for a few weeks. Me and my other thought that he was just joking to get...
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The longest 72 hours of my life
The morning of the 29th of July 2010 was the start of the longest 72 hours of my life. I woke up, had breakfast and went to school. My brother Chris had felt sick so he stayed home with my other Brother Nick, all I knew was that he...
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Because He likes to keep us on our toes...
You never really think about it fully until it hits extremely close to home. Last March (2015) my older brother was diagnosed with AML ( acute myeloid leukemia) after being sick since that previous year with several apparent diagnosis beforehand (the why...
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Life & Cancer - the uphill battles.
Being the eldest is always a struggle once others siblings come along. Yes I was a normal eldest child ... however my struggles never seemed to end, year after year I coped with all life threw at me... uphill battle after uphill battle I fought each and...