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I lost him
So, I now have to accounts with Canteen Connect but i lost the password to my other one. Anyway, my mother was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer on the 30th October 2019, she has been battling for a while but things got worse for me as of Christmas...
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Hodgkin lymphoma
I don’t really vent or speak about my current journey but Someone had suggested canteen connect and I’ve realised it’ll probably help with the thoughts that are constantly bottled in my mind. So I decided I’d introduce myself and see how I go. My name is...
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thought I'd introduce myself and a bit of my story thus far
hello, My name is Jaiden. I'm 22yrs old. I so content Creation as a hobby, play video games, sing, vinyl record collector and Massive anime and pop culture nerd lol. I was diagnosed with Classic Hodgkins Lymphoma on August 23rd 2021, so not too long ago....
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Missing him a little extra today.
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How it Began
On December 23rd 2020 I was diagnosed with Stage 4B Hodgkins Lymphoma. I can’t explain to you how it felt to know that I had cancer, not a friend, not someone I knew but me. Telling family and friends, hospital appointments, canulars 😟, blood tests,...
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Why I’m here
hey everyone, my name is Leila. I’m 15 and from NSW. I am on this platform because recently my dad passed away from stage 4 bowel cancer. I have just come to say that I hope everyone is having a good day and if not we are all here to support you :)
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6 months of intense chemotherapy a little over 9 months ago... not even a year later I have a relapse... feeling hopeless
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my journey with severe aplastic anemia
hi everyone :) just thought id reach out and share my story with SAA (severe aplastic anemia). my name is hayley (im 16), and on march 2nd 2013 i was diagnosed with severe aplastic anemia, which as some of you may know is an extremely rare bone marrow...
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Hi my name is Baxter I was diagnosed with Brain Cancer in September of 2018, I am originally from down south duns borough/ yallingup way and had to move up to Perth for brain surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy treatments. I am now 12 months post and my...
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Cancer sucks
Hi, my names sienna moon and I’m 13 years old. My dad was diagnosed with cancer in 2016, he was diagnosed with bladder cancer and in 2019 he was diagnosed with secondary cancer. Just this week he told me the tumours are spreading quickly around his back...
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Duke of Edinburgh Gold
hello, this isn't so much a cancer post as a life post and I wanted to share my excitement with all you beautiful people! after 12 years of exploration and expedition the culmination of my efforts has been shrunk down into a tiny pin the size of my...
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My story :)
so I got diagnosed with brain cancer when I was 3 and I had chemo for 1 ¹/² years then I was stable for ten years classified as healthy and this year just after my 13th birthday I got relasped with the same cancer I have a brain tumor...
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I lost my dad.
I lost my dad to cancer in 2012, I was 12 at the time. He was diagnosed with neuroendocrine pancreatic cancer four years prior to him passing. It was a very traumatic experience. I was very close with my dad. He was my everything. whilst dealing with his...
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braincancer and seizures
my dad passed of braincancer they told him he had a least 3 or more years and didn't make it pass 2. along the way he had major and minor seizures. the worst one he had was I was with him in a kayak he ended up face down...
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Some one Help
I’m feeling really sad lately. I cry myself to sleep sometimes and I’m not doing so well, I know that there ar epeople worse of than me but I just need some guidance.
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My Story- Mikaila Tiara
I am a 23 year old who survived a brain tumour when I was 15. My mother died of lung cancer last year and I was diagnosed with lung cancer at the beginning of this year. I spend most of my time at the hospital, and I have seizures everyday.
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Hey everyone; I don’t really know the appropriate way to introduce yourself on this platform, so here goes and I apologise if I’m in the wrong place. I guess I go by Dean on this website: I’m 25 and from SA. My mum has recently been diagnosed with...
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Video of what it was like for my mym
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My parent has cancer
It is very tough seeing my parent being sad but there is always a solution to get them feeling happy and in top of the world 🌺💫😊
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Not sure when we are going to be allowed to go home...