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What GIF describes how you are feeling RIGHT NOW ?
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After treatment party
What should I do to celebrate me have finished my treatment? Any ideas. My mum said that I could do something once I am finest. I am kid of stuck on what to do. The ideas need to be in Adelaide or be able to get there by using a Adelaide Metro Card.
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Anyone ever thought of getting a tattoo to represent their journey wirh cancer?
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💫💥Sydney & Central NSW Squad💥💫
👋HEY! 👋You… yeah, YOU! Are you from Sydney or Central NSW…? Are you on Canteen Connect…? Are you reading this right now…? Then you are in just the right place because this is THE PLACE TO BE for all things S&C Canteen and let me tell you, it’s great...
Dan CanTeen
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The last person who posts on this thread is the winner!
Just like the title says peeps, the last person to comment on this thread is the winner. Who can outlast all the rest?!
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Favourite YouTube channels?
Hi all, What YouTube channels (or types of videos) do you love for a laugh, a time to relax, learn something new, get distracted? Share below!
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Series reccomendatios
so I'm tryna find a good long series to watch on either Netflix, Disney plus or neon. I'm having chemotherapy so gonna be stuck in hospital for a while. I'm into Sci fi and fantasies , drama , teenage ones , mysteries , documentary , murder mysteries...
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Favourite Bands/Artists/Albums/Songs
Kind of what to start a music chat going and just thought tonight, I’ll love to see what is everybody favourite music to listen to at the moment is. Got any favourite bands/artists you have always considered as favourites to go back too? Got any albums...
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Gamer Chat
G'day Canteeners, Video Games can be a great escape and way to unwind from what's going on in the real world, so thought I'd start a thread for all things gaming chat. Feel free to post about everything gaming related; hype about games, memories of with...
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I have never heard my neighbours play music before however tonight I can hear it chrystal clear and they’re playing Anchor Me by The Mutton Birds which was one of my Dads all time favourite songs and we also played it at his funeral. Today also just so...
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hey all my name is Ingrid and i just wanted to put up a random chat about anything from school to hair and make up! you can shear your story or just comment which is just fine too! hope to hear from lots of people.
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Favourite nrl team
Whos your favourite nrl team I support cronulla sharks unfortunately not doing good this year
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April 2021 Explore Camp WA
Hey, Don't know if this is already been made but hey wanted to see which of my friends from camp are on the app! :)
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Connect Leadership Team - Visions for 2021
Hi everyone,  The CanTeen Connect Leadership team is back for 2021! We are so excited to bring you new projects and open up conversations on this wonderful online space.   For our first discussion of the year, some of the members thought it would be to a...
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One Direction
I’m such a big directioner and those boys have gotten me through quite a lot. their music, their amazing personalities and just them in general have distracted me from the hardships of seeing someone I love go through cancer. My grandfather had cancer is...
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Connect with counsellor
Is anyone else having trouble connecting to a counsellor through the app? When I click on connect to a counsellor an error pops up and the app shuts down. I've tried deleting the app and reinstalling it but still the same outcome. Would like some help to...
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Memes!!! :)
This chat is for people who just need a laugh. What better way to laugh than memes! Share your favourite memes below. They can be based on anything you want. Here is mine.
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new year
happy new year everyone
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Post Your Gingerbread Pics!
Hey Team! This is a discussion post for all those taking part in the Build Your Own Gingerbread House event, AND for anyone and everyone who loves gingerbread, tasty treats and Christmas 🎅🎄🤶 If you signed up for the event, you should be receiving your...
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Grief quote
Found this quote in social media, thought I’d share :)