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Thank you
I just want to say rhank you for the care package that I have revived from canteen while stuck in lockdown it made my day so thank you.
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I thought I'd start a discussion for everyone doing the handcraft sessions with @GeorgiaT-Canteen so we could ask for help, share tips, and of course show off our finished work.
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get to know the connect leaders!
Hey Connect-ers! some of you may have seen us connect leaders popping up here and there (we all have -ConnectLeader after our user) so we thought it would be cool if we did a little get to know us post. So I’ll start, my name is Emily, I am...
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Younger Teens
Hey my name is Isabella and I am 12 years old I am new here but I would love to get to know you all and hear about your cancer experiences. I want you to know if you need any support I am here for you. I would be...
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Comfort Item!
Good evening! I’ve had this teddy that has been through everything the past five years, all the scans, every ambulance, every chemo. i was wondering if anyone else had similar. she’s gotten me through so much. her name is ella!
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Love Ocean Grove? Join our Side of Stage Q&A on 24th Sep!
Side of Stage's Backstage is giving you the chance to get online and personal with bandmates Dale and Twiggy in an exclusive LIVE Q&A session on Thurs, 24 September at 5pm WA /6:30pm SA/NT /7pm AEST . Sign up below to grab your Backstage pass and your to...
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Vic Legends!
Hey hey Victorian young people! Welcome to the Vic legends chat, legends! My name is Amy and I am one of the Programs Officers in the Vic team. Nice to meet you! Whats up?! This is a thread for, well, all of the things! Chatting, hanging out, questions,...
Dan CanTeen
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The last person who posts on this thread is the winner!
Just like the title says peeps, the last person to comment on this thread is the winner. Who can outlast all the rest?!
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Dealing with lockdown
Hey everyone, As a Victorian I’m definitely feeling the extra pressure and stress of corona virus isolation lockdown. I’m getting very sick of online school and miss seeing my friends everyday and the freedom of doing what I want. The news today that in...
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💫💥Sydney & Central NSW Squad💥💫
👋HEY! 👋You… yeah, YOU! Are you from Sydney or Central NSW…? Are you on Canteen Connect…? Are you reading this right now…? Then you are in just the right place because this is THE PLACE TO BE for all things S&C Canteen and let me tell you, it’s great...
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Hi there, to everyone reading this- I hope you are having an amazing day or night, I am new to here and i would love to have some friends!! Keep smiling because you’re awesome!!!
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Crochet Conquerors - The Yarn & Yarn Project
For those who joined in for our first crochet session last Thursday. We soon discovered this was alot more challenging than first thought. BUT never one to shy away from a challenge. Our first goal is to make a square no matter how it may look. Share...
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I'm new here and I need some help.
Hi I'm 14 and I'm going through a hard time with my dad. This year we found out that he has Bladder Cancer and he is doing chemo. He is a serious champion!!!!!! Does anyone have any advice, podcast suggestions and song suggestions.
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feeling quite sad lately 🥺
what people do to be able to cope, feel like I don’t have many friends anymore because of everything going on including when my dad got sick and then passed away 😭
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About me
Hey all, I’ve been with canteen for roughly 2 years, they have helped me through a lot. Anyway my dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2014, I was only 10 at the time so I didn’t really understand what was going on but what I did understand was...
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Hi Everyone! Who is watching Canteen’s AGM atm? Where are you watching from? I’m in Melbourne VIC, with my furry friend keeping my lap nice and warm! Em 💚💙
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What GIF describes how you are feeling RIGHT NOW ?
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Gamer Chat
G'day Canteeners, Video Games can be a great escape and way to unwind from what's going on in the real world, so thought I'd start a thread for all things gaming chat. Feel free to post about everything gaming related; hype about games, memories of with...
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New Plant Mum!! SOS
So I have just had a birthday and have been gifted some super cute plants and succulents .... but... I am the WORST plant mum ever!! Needing some tips and tricks to keep these little things alive please!!!! peace lily, ctenanthe and little cacti and in...
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NSW and VIC Movie Club
Attention This months movie club is coming up next Thursday 20th August and we need YOUR help choosing the theme! Please vote for your preferred THEME (not necessarily the movies shown below) by commenting below with an emoji or gif. The four options ☀️...