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partner leaving after cancer
so I finished treatment a year ago and have been on and off with health since but now after my last surgery (gallbladder removal) I’m in a much better place just fixed my car and I’m applying for jobs and I’m really keen to get back into life I’ve...
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Starting High School in 2021
Hi everyone! How are all of you?? Next year (2021), I’m starting high school. I’ve met lots of people there at Orientation Day and they all seem lovely and kind so I’m very excited. There’s only one problem though... no one from my primary school is to...
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The Annoying Ones
Hi there. Hope you are all having a good day. My day wasn’t that great. By the title you can probably guess what this will be about. Today I was feeling sad about the death of my dad and these two people in my grade started saying that I...
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Any type of relationship
Does anyone else feel like their alone most of the time and what I mean by that is like do you feel like you're friendsand family talk to you, like you're invisible and stuff
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Cancer dating app
Hi everyone, I have been searching for a cancer dating app online but did not find anything good and the existing ones are buggy and outdated. I was thinking of creating one like Tinder just for people with cancer but I would like to know if you all...
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Needing Advice
Hey, I’m Maddy and I’ve only recent joined and wanted to share what is happening with my dad. So my dad and mum have been divorced since I was very young and I always lived with my mum. I would see my dad occasionally on a weekend or holidays...
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Hoping to make friends
I started chemo on Christmas Eve and was taking chemo every week but now I take it every 3 weeks, I would have thought I would make friends that struggle with stuff like me but not one person has talked to me. I'm too shy to start conversations and...
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Meeting new people and your cancer story ❤️
Hi Guys! Hope you're all keeping safe during this time. Lately I've been struggling getting to know new people and feeling like I have to repress myself from talking about my dad because he's passed on. On one hand I don't want to talk about it because I...
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Cancer + relationships... what's that been like for you?
Hey Connect-ers, For some reason, we don't seem to talk about cancer's impact on relationships very often ... I wonder why that is? Boyfriends/girlfriends/partner/people-you-are-seeing can have a huge impact on how you cope when cancer comes into our Day...
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What’s it like to watch a loved one fight cancer?
I have gone through my own fight of cancer recently and it of course isn’t easy, however I don’t fully know what it is like to be on the other side of it, my girlfriend (now ex) and parents and brother were all there for me, I’m curious to...
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Relationship Changes
Anyone dealing with relationship changes with their partner since cancer? Any ideas on how to keep the relationship strong when things are tough?