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Hoping to make friends
I started chemo on Christmas Eve and was taking chemo every week but now I take it every 3 weeks, I would have thought I would make friends that struggle with stuff like me but not one person has talked to me. I'm too shy to start conversations and...
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Meeting new people and your cancer story ❤️
Hi Guys! Hope you're all keeping safe during this time. Lately I've been struggling getting to know new people and feeling like I have to repress myself from talking about my dad because he's passed on. On one hand I don't want to talk about it because I...
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Cancer + relationships... what's that been like for you?
Hey Connect-ers, For some reason, we don't seem to talk about cancer's impact on relationships very often ... I wonder why that is? Boyfriends/girlfriends/partner/people-you-are-seeing can have a huge impact on how you cope when cancer comes into our Day...
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What’s it like to watch a loved one fight cancer?
I have gone through my own fight of cancer recently and it of course isn’t easy, however I don’t fully know what it is like to be on the other side of it, my girlfriend (now ex) and parents and brother were all there for me, I’m curious to...
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Relationship Changes
Anyone dealing with relationship changes with their partner since cancer? Any ideas on how to keep the relationship strong when things are tough?