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Returning to work+study since COVID? Let's talk about that
Hey all, Happy Saturday... for many of you, this might be the first day since COVID came along that you can do certain things, see certain people, go certain places... As the lockdown/isolation gets wound back a little (depending on where you live), how...
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Is it better to tell the school?
My mum has been diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma about a year ago. Since then many things have changed but one of the things that really bothers me are my grades. I am in year 10 by the way. They keep on falling even though I am trying hard...
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Permission slip to procrastinate
If you've been getting down on yourself for not being able to "keep up" with uni work or school, consider this a permission slip to slow down if you need to. The world is definitely not moving like "business as usual" so there's no need to hold yourself...
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School @ home?! The new normal...?
Hi ho, hi ho, its back to school we go! …well, kinda… Doing something new and for the first time can be a lot of things. Weird, hard, make us nervous, anxious, overwhelmed, excited, curious… You are not alone, and the four little people pictured below...
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Going back to school.
Hi, my name is Charlie and I've just come back from the superhero camp where everyone was talking about how hard school is in year 12, college etc. This got me thinking. I'm currently in year 9 this year and I'm honestly not sure I can handle even that....
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Back to study/school/work... how do you look after you?
Hey crew, Many of the community here might be  heading back to school/work/study  after a bit of a change in routine over the break.... is that you? Are you feeling more like this... Or this? Looking after yourself well can be a balancing act, especially...
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Career, new direction after cancer 🤔
For those people who are working or studying, have you found that once cancer came into your life you decided to change career directions or lost interest in pursuing the career you were working towards? I’m a uni student and I need to go back to uni in...
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How do you do it? How can you maintain a balanced lifestyle with school, needing a job, study and relationships, when you can hardly get up in the morning. I lost my aunty last year to cancer, aswell as my step-grandfather to bone cancer and my nan to...