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you are loved & and important
To you (whoever who finds these words): The one who's walking a rough patch, the one that finds it hard to breathe, the one who feels too much, the one who's already lost too much, the one who just wants to run away, you're not alone. There is so...
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The best movie to watch on a 'sick day' is...
Hey Connect champions, just a short and sharp discussion starter today... What's your go-to 'sick-day' movie? You know, that one you watch over and over when you're unwell, tired, overwhelmed etc, and it makes you feel comfy? Maybe it's changed over teen...
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Coping with the New "Normal"
"Your mother has lymphoma". How do you cope with that news when it has completely come out of nowhere? The past few weeks have been an emotional rollercoaster. I don't feel like I have been coping very well.. but tonight I decided to have a 1:1 with one...
Dan CanTeen
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1000 reasons to be happy
I want everyone to share something that makes them happ, with the hope that we can get up to 1,000 (and maybe even beyond!) So post something, and be sure to number it so we can keep track! :)
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Strategies to Improve Sleep
What are your favourite strategies to assist with sleep? In the lead up to mums diagnosis it was challenging to get to sleep. Once she was diagnosed it returned to normal for a little while. Now I find I wake up early (4-5am) and struggle to have a solid...
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Guilt after a good day
Do you ever feel guilty for having such a great day.. when the world feels like it's nothing but chaos and your parent's diagnosis is so recent?
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Hey everyone, today is RUOK day, a day where everyone asks everyone are you ok or how are you doing. Anyways in todays world its pretty much us always asking how are you doing, and particularly if you are a Victorian. It may seem annoying to all of us...
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If anyone’s up for some mad banter add us up. We can probably start a group chat or something
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Advice in ways to cope
Hey guys, To anyone reading, do you guys have any advice on how to cope with a parent going through this? My dad has Stage IV Lung cancer, he was diagnosed about a year and a half ago. Recently we had found out that has spread and grown to...
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Directing Energy Right
My Dad's situation has quickly gotten worse as of recent. He has run out of treatment options so now we just.... wait. He's going to pass soon and that's just inevitable. This situation obviously arises a LOT of strong feelings. Anger, frustration, and...
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Caring for others
Last year my world got flipped upside down when I was diagnosed with cancer. I've beaten it since and gotten better but I still have thoughts that creep up on me when I don't want them to. The main one is that I went from always trying to help...
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Bullet Journaling!
Hey Bullet Journalers! This is a thread for you to chat, share ideas, share your bullet journaling, photos, links etc!
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Favourite quotes?
Hi everyone, Tell us all about your favourite quotes below! This includes lyrics, poems, sayings, verses, movie lines etc. This is one of mine:
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It's Okay to Not Be Okay!
Hey Everyone! This is a quick note just to introduce this as a start of a series of new blogs that the Victorian Leadership Team will be adding to throughout the year. We hope that these blogs can be something that you personally can really get into. The...
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Mental Health
Hey, Connect! I’ve been thinking a lot lately about hard times in life and mental health. I think for me, mental health isn’t really something that I’ve ever really taken the time to think about, I’ve always just felt like it’s my responsibility to just...
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So we all know how much CanTeen members love their music, and how many of us are musically gifted, so I wanted to use this space to jot down any lyrics to songs that speak to you, or remind you of parts of your cancer journey. No genre, or...
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Support for Young Women
Hey Warriors! my name is Katie, I’m 25 and entered remission this year (yay!) through my journey I noticed there wasn’t a lot of support for young women facing cancer & after cancer as well. So I decided to start up an Instagram exactly for that. To each...
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Share some music with me?
So life kinda sucks at the moment. But music has always helped me when I felt horrible, so I thought maybe we could share some favourite songs or artists? Gorillaz has always been a favourite band of mine, and I grew up on their album “demon days”. I’m...
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Gone Too Soon
Hi everyone, I am still new here and needed to get this off my chest. At 2am this morning, my beautiful mum had passed away after having a long fight of Breast Cancer for 7 years. I'm distraught and so heartbroken, she was my best friend and I always...
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Funny animal pics! Anyone else in the mood to share?