Canteen Community Guidelines


Canteen is committed to providing a safe and inclusive service for all people regardless of their ethnicity, culture, faith, disability, sexuality, gender, or economic situation. If you need an interpreter, please feel free to contact the Australian Government interpreting service on 131 450 or InfoNOW Aotearoa New Zealand on 0800 656 656.

  1. Keep it respectful: Everyone has different beliefs and values. It is important that everyone feels welcome to have their say, especially regarding their own lived experience. You might not always agree with another’s opinion or approach, but you should still be respectful of everyone in this space.
  2. Keep it safe: As a member of Canteen Connect, you have the right to feel safe and respected. If you see something that is offensive, inappropriate, worrisome, or spam, please report it. This applies to both posts and private messages – please note private messages will only be visible to staff if reported.
  3. Keep it private: We know that privacy is important to you. It’s important to us too. Remember that you can always choose to make your discussion post private. Canteen Connect’s content is viewable without a log-in, including non-private posts, your username and image. That’s why we encourage you to create a username that keeps you anonymous and does not include your first and last name. When speaking about your experience, please do not name hospitals, doctors, medications or specific medical advice you’ve been given. If you’d like to learn more you can read our privacy policy here
  4. Keep it appropriate: Our admins may remove any content that could be considered harmful or identifying personal information (phone number, address, school, etc.) If your post is removed, admin will contact you to explain why.
  5. Keep it peer-based: Canteen Connect’s discussion spaces are designed for peer support, not professional advice. As every person’s situation is different, nothing can replace the advice of your or your loved one’s treating team of health professionals. Posts providing medical advice will be removed.
    You might notice some young people have -ConnectLeader on the end of their username. These are young people who have been part of Connect for a while, and have volunteered to be part of our online Leadership Program (which includes ongoing meetings, training and development). These Leaders have signed a Code of Conduct, have a good awareness of Connect, and can provide peer support. Connect Leaders are young people just like you, not professionals. If a Leader is concerned about you, they will direct you towards a staff member who can help. If you’re interested in Leadership, you can express your interest by emailing
  6. Keep it simple: We ask that individuals only have one account. If you’re having issues accessing the Canteen Connect community, please contact
  7. Worried about someone? Has someone private messaged you or left a comment that’s made you feel concerned? You can contact our counselling team at as well as suggesting they speak to Kids Helpline (AU), Kidsline (ANZ) or Lifeline (ANZ).

Counsellors are online for Canteen Connect 10am-10pm AEST Mon-Thu, 10am-6pm AEST Fri and 11am-6pm AEST Sat-Sun. If you are unable to reach us and need to speak to someone, we recommend Kids Helpline (Australia). They support young people aged 5-25 and are available 24/7. If you’re in Aotearoa New Zealand and are under 18, you can call Kidsline. If you’re over 18, Lifeline is available.

For urgent and confidential support, you can reach Kids Helpline on 1800 55 1800 or webchat through their website. In Aotearoa New Zealand, Kidsline are on 0800 54 37 54 or you can call Lifeline on 0800 543 354. If you are dealing with an emergency and need help immediately, please call 000 (AU) or 111 (ANZ).

Canteen Connect welcomes and appreciates your feedback. You can contact us at about:

  • What we are doing right
  • What we could be doing better
  • What you’d like to see
  • Suggestions for updates to these guidelines
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