The Emotional Side of Loss


People feel and show grief in many different ways. Some feel extreme sadness and cry a lot. Others feel out of control and angry. Some people say they have a hard time sleeping and eating, while others experience exactly the opposite and want to sleep or eat all the time. Some people get headaches or other physical symptoms like losing or gaining weight, body aches and pains, feeling out of breath or stomach upsets.

There are so many ways to express grief including: crying, wanting to be alone/not wanting to talk to anyone, talking a lot, being silent, laughing, wanting to party, needing to do lots of physical activities, sleeping a lot, listening to the same song (often on repeat), not wanting to change anything in the house, wanting to move away from where you live, throwing things out, sleeping with something that belongs to, or reminds you of, your mum or dad or brother or sister, talking to the person who has died, calling their mobile phone so you can hear their voice and doing activities that remind you of them.

There is no right or wrong way to feel or express grief, it’s just important to look after yourself.

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