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Online cancer counselling services available through Canteen Connect


young person accessing counselling for cancer patients and any young person impacted by cancer. Canteen Connect is a app that provide services like counselling for cancer patients

Getting the support you need

The cancer journey can be lonely, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Canteen Connect offers cancer counselling services that really get to the heart of what someone is feeling.

The global pandemic has been a difficult time for so many, but especially those of us already feeling isolated and vulnerable. Online cancer counselling services have been critical, supporting so many across the country and beyond who have been feeling overwhelmed and alone.

Be part of the conversation

Jump on the Canteen Connect platform and you will immediately feel part of a community. Everyone is a young person between the ages of 12 and 25 and has all been impacted by cancer. Some have parents or siblings with cancer, while others have cancer themselves. What brings everyone together is sharing stories and experiences, looking to help others, and being helped.

Canteen’s experienced counsellors are part of the conversation too. They are there with kind words and encouragement, as well as offering professional guidance. They will answer your questions, ask some questions, and can direct you to other online counselling for cancer patients as well.

Chat to a Counsellor

The Chat to a Counsellor button is just a click away. It’s a big orange button you can use via the Canteen Connect website or app to get in contact with an experienced professional for help and support. There is a counsellor there to respond to you seven days a week, and you usually get a reply within minutes. If it’s really late at night, you are directed to a kid's helpline, which always has someone available to support you.

You can talk to online counsellors about anything that’s on your mind, and any of the challenges you are facing. The services are confidential and free and a great way to get support in the privacy of your own home. As well as chats online, Zoom calls can also be set up to make sure everyone can access the support they need, regardless of where they live. Face-to-face meetings can also be organised.

Sometimes the Canteen counsellor will link you to cancer discussion boards from the past that are relevant to a question that comes up in a session. For instance, if someone wants suggestions on ways to spend special time with a terminally ill parent before they pass away, or how to show your love for a sick parent after you’ve grown apart over time. It’s other young people in the group who often answer and give wonderful advice – some talk about what worked for them, or helpful tips they themselves received when dealing with a similar situation. This is where the importance of cancer discussion boards becomes clear.

Every year, 23,000 young people are impacted by cancer and Canteen Connect offers lots of free counselling for cancer patients to support the challenges that come with it.

You can also access support directly from the Canteen site, or you can refer a family member or friend.