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introducing yourselves
hey guys, my names ruby and i was diagnosed with AML in november 2017 and relapsed in april 2019. i had many rounds of chemo and two transplants. Both transplants I received were two very different experiences. I would love to here some of your stories...
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Continued support once you are older than 25
Hey all, the past 6 months have been an absolute rollercoaster. I can't imagine how I would have gone through everything without the support of everyone on here. My question though, what do people do when they turn 26? I am still a while off, but have to...
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I found out today that my mum has cancer, feeling pretty devastated but also confused because the doctor keep telling us different stuff. The first haematologist told us she had Macroglobulinemia, then the next doctor told us it was splenic marginal zone...
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