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Where To Find Cancer Support Services Near You


Finding support after a cancer diagnosis can often feel like a very overwhelming task. It can be a particularly challenging as a young person, to find support in navigating the life changes that have resulted from your own or family member’s cancer diagnosis.

Therefore, it is so important that you have a good support network around you! This includes a network of friends, family, community, as well as the health professionals supporting you through you or your family member’s cancer treatment. Cancer support services are an amazing resource that can expand your network and help you through some of the life changes caused by your cancer experience. This may include assistance for the impacts of cancer on your mental health, education, employment and so on.

Canteen Australia

Canteen Australia is a free cancer support service that supports young people aged 12-25 with a cancer experience in Australia. This includes young people who currently have cancer or have survived cancer; have a sibling/parent/carer with cancer; or are bereaved of a sibling/parent/guardian to cancer.

Canteen provides diverse practical and emotional support services to young people affected cancer, including:

- Psychosocial Support (including counselling)

- Peer Support & Leadership Programs

- Education and Career Support Program

- Family Cancer Support Services

- Cancer Navigation

CanTeen Aotearoa

Canteen Aotearoa is a charity that provides free and tailored support to rangatahi aged 13-24 who are impacted by cancer. Whether they are dealing with their own diagnosis or cancer in their whānau, they provide:

- Connection with peers who understand what it’s like, through community events

- Therapeutic support through a range of programs and camps

- Free individual support

- Online support services for rangatahi and whānau

- Skill building and development through a range of pathways and programs

Intake Process

To get started with Canteen Australia, you will go through a simple intake process – this is a call with one of the amazing intake clinicians at the Cancer Hub. The Cancer Hub is national one stop shop service for young people that links them with the appropriate support services at either Canteen Australia, Redkite and Camp Quality. To book an intake, call the Cancer Hub on 1800 431 312 or conveniently book directly on their website.

If you live in Aoteroa New Zealand, CanTeen Aotearoa is also here to support you. You can get in touch though the Canteen Aotearoa website or call them 0800 2268 336.

During your initial call with Canteen Australia or CanTeen Aotearoa, one of the staff will talk to you about your cancer experience, and will likely ask some questions about how it has impacted your overall mental health and wellbeing. The clinician will then guide you through the support services you are eligible for, ask what you are and interested in and link you to the right places going forward.

Other Cancer Support Services

There are also many other cancer support services available to you including:


The Cancer Council: provides a range of support services to any Australians effected by cancer. Visit their website or call 13 11 20

Redkite: provides practical, financial and emotional support to cancer patients 0-18 years old.

Camp Quality: provides programs and services to young people 0-15 years who have cancer themselves or have a sibling or parent/guardian with cancer

Cancer Australia: provides list of many support services available to specific cancer diagnoses

New Zealand:

Cancer Society New Zealand: has a range of services available for adults facing cancer.

Child Cancer Foundation New Zealand:: offers a range of services for families going through childhood cancer in New Zealand.

Camp Quality New Zealand: provides camps and experiences for young patients 5-16 years, and their families.

Leukaemia & Blood Cancer NZ: Provide a range of services to patients and their families who have been diagnosed with a blood cancer or related blood condition.  

…And of course, the Connect community!

Let us know below if you are aware of other useful support services that have helped you and your family too.