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How Canteen Connect can change your opinion of Cancer discussion boards


young person using their phone to find a cancer chat or cancer forum online through canteen connect - a provider of free services like a cancer discussion board

If you are up for a cancer chat, looking to smile, or after some serious advice, jump on one of our Canteen cancer discussion boards.

It’s a great way to connect with other young people who have also been impacted by cancer and understand what you are going through.

On the Canteen Connect platform, you can read stories, and share your experience and cancer journey with people who get it.

You can hear about what others are going through, and maybe even share your own background and story. It’s a safe space to connect.

The cancer discussion boards are for anyone impacted by cancer. If a parent or sibling has cancer, if you’re grieving a family member, or if you yourself have had cancer. It’s just a special place to connect and share with others who really do know what you are going through.

You might think that being on a cancer discussion board could make you sad, but it’s just the opposite. Many new community members love being able to talk to other young people about their experiences; it really does make people feel less alone. It’s also a place they can join in when they want to, but don’t have to if they don’t feel like it.

It isn’t just talking about cancer all the time either!

Users compare pictures of their furry friends, exchange favourite quotes and recommend movies that help them feel good on a sick day. Sometimes people jump on just to say hi!

Even the smallest of interactions can really brighten your day.

There’s a real sense of community that you don’t get in another online cancer forum, and it’s so specific to the needs of someone at this time of their lives. It feels like everyone on the cancer discussion board wants the best for each other, and wants to help in any way they can, even when they are going through some pretty heavy stuff themselves.

Everyone on Connect is young, so they can talk through a lot of the same worries, like school and friendships. It’s great to have people to chat with who understand.

Canteen counsellors are also on hand to offer support and advice, which is why these cancer discussion boards are so special.

The online Canteen counsellors are a great comfort too. They answer questions and let people know they are there for them, and that the cancer discussion boards are a safe space to ask questions.

The ‘Chat to a Counsellor’ button is just a click away as well, where users can find an understanding professional with experience in all the different situations that can arise for young people as they navigate their own cancer journey.

The most powerful help on the platform is from the other young people in the online community. These are real people that you can connect and bond with over your shared experiences, as you navigate grief, confusion and heartaches, but also celebrate the wins of successful treatments, wellness and getting back out into the world.

When someone reaches out on the cancer discussion board for help or a question, it’s often other young people who answer and provide wonderful advice. Some post about what has worked for them or give any tips they themselves received when dealing with a similar situation. This is where the importance of a cancer discussion board becomes clear.

The global pandemic over the last few years has meant so many of us have been stuck at home, and unable to travel. Not being able to see our friends and family members, especially if they have been unwell, has been so difficult. The cancer discussion boards have been an incredible resource, helping members to navigate the emotions that come up. There’s guilt for those of us unable to reach sick and dying family members, and even not being able to catch up with friends in person has taken a toll.

But now through Canteen Connect you can jump on and find people your own age, in a similar situation. You can leave a message, offer to chat offline or just hit the “I get it” or “hug” button as a show of support. Lots of members of the community also choose to share photos and videos of their cancer journeys and treatments too, in the hope of inspiring others.

Sometimes, a young person with cancer just wants to speak with another young person going through the same things. That opportunity is exactly what Canteen’s cancer discussion boards offer.